It’s a mournful bat-filled place keeping a horse-drawn pace. Remembering the good old days, when wars still were fought in the open, with artillery, not poverty. Caverns and unstable bridges, under an eerie moon drowning in ominous colored fright, the dark depressing night. the solemn castle telling about unsound riches gathered on the poor peasant’ …

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Whispering sweet nothings, buttering your bread smoking a huge cigar have a bad, have decency values go down   As if I didn’t have any sexual relation With that woman. Drowned in indifference But I also will go under Disappointment.   I can’t stand to look at you, So I am leaving the mirror

My shrink said it best; “what about your input?”   My  diet coach yelled belittling: ‘Do you have any output?’ Every night while watching a certain movie, I answered.   To lose weight you have weight to gain. Taste a burrito, have a hundred slices of pizza, drawn in coke.   Hitting the gym, crunching …

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Peddling, sun till sleeping. The city rests quiet, today people stay inside. The virus swept life, bringing it to a crawl. But the mail needs bringing Delivering it can be quiet a challenge, despair or joy on paper, if you want to keep the caper, it’s best you waver, all in denial Peddling, keep peddling

They are everywhere, please Lord, ward me from the Poisson flies. Insects that rob you of your health. Infestation, corrupting your brain, making you sleep the death’s sleep. Keep them out, I see mother’s afraid to rid their dying children’s swollen faces of your subjects, afraid to enrage you, Lord. Show us mercy,