Bitter and rude

You were young,


Free and vast.

It didn’t last.


Drinking yourself in a stupor,

Drowning your differences in liquor,

you would be better off in indifference.


Bitter and rude,


Junior “Hey Jude”,

was the pinnacle of music,

Techno sounds crude,

Classical music survived,

The Rolling Stones may keep rolling,

it’s sacrilege how people care about other things.


Decency has died with bluster and bellows,

Modernity stumbled on the scene,

parading between gallows,

dangling virtues of yesteryear

on crooked constructions.


Bitter and rude.


Spitting out your dentures,

Tastelessness gives you grief.

Of all the possible futures

the one spent laughing 

leaves you less bitter and rude.


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