Friends 4 ever?


When I was about 14 years old I went for the first time to a party. Having my first long bike ride in the dark.

My friend’s friend was home alone so I had to come. Now I miss the point entirely.

Why did I have to come to stay at a stranger’s place just because his parents were out of town?

I had a sense of validity though so I was on my way. Hopefully we didn’t loot the liquor cabinet because I didn’t want to get to drunk.

Anyway, his parents didn’t trust it and had phoned in. They would return. My friend said it sucked but  I had to go.

So instead of sleeping in a tent in the yard I drove in the dark and rainy night back home.

But I forgot my keys and returned, cursing words I never thought I possessed.

I discovered nobody else had left.

“You weren’t supposed to find out but my friend didn’t want you to stay,” my so-called friend said coldly.


That day formed a reminder of how profound friendships really are.

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