I saw the sky naked,
joy filled my heart.
Bearing witness
of such a blessed thing.

Blue made me feel less blue,
it flushed me out of hiding
my time I have been biding
now I gaze upon you,
spring had just begun

a flurry of green,
greeting the world
birds take action

Every year the same,
but it doesn’t get lame.


  • Putting your crying boy to bed into something other than a bed
  • Eating the same trans-fat rich/nutrient-poor meal day in day out
  • If reading, only a day old newspaper
  • Spending your few incomes before receiving them
  • Not understanding people with money
  • Being ignored by people with money
  • Stop counting the leaks in the roof
  • Catching the water from the leaks in the roof so you’ll have water to spent
  • Sitting in the freezing cold because you burnt trough your savings and are months behind your bills


Every generation,

for ten years on end.

The end of hope,

the decimation we defend.

A good time,

a bad one.

How something that meant something,

now it looks strange,

we feel sorrow,

take pity on imperfection that comes with age,

even as a foundation

things die

I believe we need some sweet yesterday,

just pick the rag out of the debris

sniff and snort it,

pixie dust

from times we dared believe


It’s a mournful bat-filled place

keeping a horse-drawn pace.

Remembering the good old days,

when wars still were fought in the open,

with artillery,

not poverty.

Caverns and unstable bridges,

under an eerie moon

drowning in ominous colored fright,

the dark depressing night.

the solemn castle telling about unsound riches

gathered on the poor peasant’ back

so easy to give in

the night will set you back

on devil’s track

for darkness dwells like

wrath’s on a sullied corpse

be quick

be death

once bitten

you never come back


Whispering sweet nothings,

buttering your bread

smoking a huge cigar

have a bad,

have decency

values go down


As if I didn’t have any sexual relation

With that woman.

Drowned in indifference

But I also will go under



I can’t stand to look at you,

So I am leaving

the mirror


My shrink said it best;

“what about your input?”


My  diet coach yelled belittling:

‘Do you have any output?’

Every night while watching a certain movie, I answered.


To lose weight you have weight to gain.

Taste a burrito, have a hundred slices of pizza, drawn in coke.


Hitting the gym, crunching calories.

I’ll stick with a carrot, thank you.

I sweat butter,

the contents of deepfried crap goes down the gutter.


In the end I wind up with loose skin, going for a bucket of ice-cream so everything fits.


Peddling, sun till sleeping.
The city rests quiet,
today people stay inside.
The virus swept life,
bringing it to a crawl.
But the mail needs bringing
Delivering it can be quiet a challenge,
despair or joy on paper,
if you want to keep the caper,
it’s best you waver,
in denial
Peddling, keep peddling


The cage is the television,

max security the Net.

The brain warden patrols without pauze,

They own you,

but you can’t see it yet.

Filling your head,

with tainted beliefs.

In the age of freedom,

you may spend blindly,

shooting up Cobain’ style.

Numbing the pain,

it’s no democracy,

all the same,

only the rich hope to gain.

Oppression is the name of the game.

Sense makes no sense,

what is the meaning of waking up early,

waking up at all.



I am awake,
6 O’ Clock, the magical not lit day,
silence sway swagger all over the place.
A dance without music.
The times are magical,
the sky full of promise,
nothing went wrong yet,
this virgin believe.
Law’s don’t apply yet,
because there is nobody to be seen.
I am keen on drinking the quietness,
were thoughts sound loud,
but tend to crawl
illuminated in the sunrise,
my mind sleeps still,
all is certain,
everything is possible